Raising expectations, hope, awareness and opportunities!

Our Mission

Texarkana Down Syndrome Society EMPOWERS and ADVOCATES for
individuals with Down Syndrome across their lifespan, along with their
families and caregivers, with education, knowledge, and support to

maximize their potential!

Why Should I Donate?

By making a donation to the Texarkana Down Syndrome Society, you become invested in the lives of our Down Syndrome community. You are helping the TDSS accomplish the goals of education, support, advocacy, and awareness to enrich the lives of our members.

100% of all proceeds will be used locally for Awareness, Education, and Support for individuals with Down Syndrome and their families and/or caregivers.


Upcoming Events

4th Annual Awareness Walk and Fun Day

This year’s annual walk will be October 10, 2020.  It is held at Spring Lake Park. This is a fun filled day of
music, games, dancing, food, etc. in celebration for all individuals with Down Syndrome.

Everyone is encouraged to have a team honoring a friend or family member that has Down Syndrome.
At the end of our fun day event, all our teams join together for a walk around the park area to help bring
awareness to the Down Syndrome community.


Join Us

For just $15 a year you can become a Texarkana Down Syndrome Society member and have the opportunity to be involved in a
way that truly supports individuals with Down Syndrome.